Main Achievements to date

  1. 39 Msc students successfully complete semester 1 in January 2018
  2. 4 PhD students successfully defended proposals at the faculty level
  3. 12 MSc students successfully defend proposals at Faculty some collecting data
  4. 1 new program developed and accredited at national level
  5. short courses developed and mounted,
  6. 8 new short courses developed in partnership with Nelson Mandela University April 25-27, 2018, and are awaiting launch in June 2018
  7. 9 Msc and 1 PhD student supported to  present at international conferences
  8. 7 MoUs signed; 3 with complete budgets/work plan, 2 with private sector, 1 with a regional ACE and 4 with International universities from China, UK and USA
  9. 4 staff exchange fellowship: 3 to Nanjing Agriculture University on use of Biotech Lab,  and 1 on going to  Sweden on development of agro science park
  10. joint International conference held between CESAAM & Egerton Division of Research held between March 27-30, 2018 where 7 CESAAM students  and center leader presented a Foundation Paper230 (students and faculty) trained by Elsevier on publishing
  11. Consultative meetings held  with KAM, Syngenta Foundation
  12. External Funds attracted to date: USD 445, 100 ( Sources: student fees, partners  namely VT, University of Edinburg, Nanjing & funding from AfDB to support additional 25 students under CESAAM courses
  13. 2 accountants & 22 University Management plus University Council members retooled in Governance and Management of Fundable projects in April 2018,
  14. 4 MSc Agrienterprise students supported to start and run their agribusiness prototypes
  15. 5 agribusiness clinics carried out as part of farmer outreach program