About Us

The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) at Egerton University (Kenya), funded by World Bank is modelled to address the above issues. The broad objective of CESAAM is to contribute to sustainable agricultural and agribusiness management through capacity development, research and technology transfer for enhanced food security. Key focus areas are: Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management, Animal Sciences, Crop and Soil Sciences, Dairy and Food Sciences among other related fields to sustainable agriculture.


An Excellence Center in Agri-innovations, agri-entrepreneurship, Climate Smart  Agriculture, Research, training and technology transfer for sustainable development


To provide highly trained human capacity and  Agri-innovative products, services and sustainable solutions that address the challenge of food  insecurity and persistent hunger in Africa

Challenges CESAAM seeks to address

  • Food insecurity
  • Persistent hunger
  • Frequent droughts
  • Youth unemployment
  • Rampant disease
  • Poor plant and animal genotypes
  • Inadequate technical capacity and innovations
  • Poor infrastructure, market access and high input costs
  • qPoor policies

Specific Objectives

  1. Capacity development along the Agricultural Value Chain in the Eastern and Southern Africa region, especially for the fragile and post conflict states.
  2. To undertake innovative research, including use of biotechnology and climate smart agriculture, for increased crop and livestock productivity.
  3. Enhance the capacity of the University’s Agro-Science Park to assist partner universities establish a similar model for incubation of technological innovations.
  4. Develop evidence based agricultural policy briefs and disseminate best practices through Agricultural Knowledge Centers in Egerton (CESAAM) and partner universities.