Quarterly Reports

CESAAM-Quater Report-Sep-De 2017 CESAAM Quarterly Report PPT Sept-Dec 2017 CESAAM -IUCEA PROGRESS REPORT -JANUARY 2018 CESAAM Table on Results Framework and Monitoring January 2018 CESAAM Table on Results Framework and Monitoring…

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Procurement Report

CESAAM PROJECT PROCUREMENT PROGRESS REPORT No. Item/Service Description  Method Cost (Kshs) Time started Time for completion 1. Purchase of office furniture for CESAAM RFQ 1,500,000.00 5th September, 2017 Ongoing 2.…

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Activities Reports

Authors’ Workshop on Publishing with Science Direct Visit by Nanjing Agricultural University Short Course Training (Retooling Workshop) National and Regional Higher Education Agencies, Vice chancellors, Centre Leaders and their Private…

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