NAME Highest qualification Current position Area of specialization
1 J. K. Tuitoek PhD Professor Animal nutrition
2 S. A. Abdulrazak PhD Professor Animal nutrition
3 A.K. Kahi PhD Professor Breeding and genetics
4 I. S. Kosgey PhD Professor Breeding and genetics
5 B. O. Bebe PhD Professor livestock systems
6 A. Y. Guliye PhD Associate Professor Animal nutrition
7 P. K Migwi PhD S/Lecturer Animal nutrition
8 A. M. King’ori PhD S/Lecturer Animal nutrition
9 M. K. Ambula PhD S/Lecturer Animal nutrition
10 J. O. Ondiek PhD S/Lecturer Animal nutrition
11 P. A. Onjoro PhD Lecturer Animal nutrition
12 T. Muasya PhD Lecturer Breeding and genetics
13 K.Ng’eno PhD Lecturer Breeding and genetics


No. Name Highest Qualifications Current Position Area of specialisation 
1 George Owuor


PhD Associate Professor Agribusiness Management & Quantitative Methods
2 Margaret Ngigi PhD Associate Professor Agricultural Marketing
3 Gideon Obare PhD Professor Production Economics
4  Benjamin K. Mutai P.h.D Associate Professor Research Methods and Agricultural Finance
5 Job Lagat PhD Associate Professor Environmental Economics and Climate Smart Agriculture
6 Patience M. Mshenga PhD Associate Professor Agribusiness Management and   Agri-enterprise Development
7 J K Langat PhD Lecturer Agribusiness Management
8 Isaac Kariuki PhD Senior Lecturer Agricultural Policy
9  Hillary. K. Bett, PhD Lecturer Value Chains analysis
10  Mary C.  Maina PhD Senior Lecturer Farm Management and Co-operative Development
11  Edith Gathungu PhD Lecturer Agribusiness in Organization Management
12 Oscar Ingasia Ayuya PhD Lecturer Quantitative methods in Resource Economics
13  Kibet H. PhD Senior Lecturer Macro-Economics
14  Kiprop . K PhD Lecturer Micro-Economic Theory and Applications
15 Sambili K. PhD Senior Lecturer Economic Development
16 Mary Mathenge PhD Lecturer Agricultural Policy
17 Milton Ayieko PhD Lecturer Agricultural Marketing


No Name Education Current Position Area of specialization
 L.M. Mumera Ph.D Professor Plant physiology
 F.M. Itulya Ph.D Professor Vegetable science
 G. Liu Ph.D Professor Greenhouse technology
 L. N. Nakhone Ph.D Associate Professor Soil Chemistry
 A.O. Musandu Ph.D Associate Professor Soil Nutrition
 S.F.O. Owido Ph.D Associate Professor Soil Physics
 D.K. Isutsa Ph.D Professor Tissue culture
J.O. Ogendo Ph.D Associate Professor Crop protection
 C.M. Ndirangu Ph.D Associate Professor Plant breeding
A.W. Kamau Ph.D Associate Professor Entomology
 A.M. Kibe Ph.D Associate Professor Agronomy
 J.P.A. Ouma Ph.D Associate Professor Agronomy/Crop Physiologist
 E.K. Cheruiyot Ph.D Associate Professor Agronomy/ Crop Physiologist
P.K. Kimurto Ph.D Associate Professor Agronomy/ Crop Physiologist
 R. J. Birech Ph.D Associate Professor Seed science/Organic Agriculture
 J.G. Nyaanga Ph.D Lecturer Entomology
J.O. Owuoche Ph.D Snr Lecturer Plant breeding
P.C. Korir Ph.D Lecturer Agronomy/Plant breeding
 P. Murerwa Ph.D Lecturer Crop protection
M. Mwangi Ph.D Snr Lecturer Floriculture
 J.N. Wolukau Ph.D Snr Lecturer Fruit Science
 R.M.S. Mulwa Ph.D Associate Professor Biotechnology
R.M. Gesimba Ph.D Snr Lecturer Fruit Science/fruits post harvest/ physiology & Technology
J.O. Ogweno Ph.D Associate Professor Stress physiology/Indigenous vegetables
A.M. Opiyo Ph.D Snr Lecturer Vegetable Post harvest
M. Saidi Ph.D Snr Lecturer Vegetable Crop Protection
 S.M. Mwonga Ph.D Associate Professor Soil fertility
N.W. Mungai Ph.D Associate Professor Soil Microbiology
 J.J. Ndemo Ph.D Senior Lecturer Soil fertility
Maurice Edwards Oyoo Ph.D Lecturer Plant breeding/ Biotechnology
Pascal Ojwang Okwiri Ph.D Lecturer Plant breeding/ Biotechnology
Samuel Odeyo Nyalala Ph.D Snr Lecturer Ornamental Horticulture
Miriam K Charimbu Ph.D Lecturer Crop Protection
Name of Staff Current Position Highest Qualification Areas Of Specialization
1. Symon M. Mahungu, PhD Professor of Food Chemistry, Egerton University PhD [Food Science] – Food Chemistry Food Chemistry

Edible Fats and Oils Processing and Analysis


2.  Abdul K. Faraj Associate Professor


PhD. Food Science and Technology Food Science and Technology, Cereal Chemistry and Technology, Food Safety Management Systems
3.Joseph W. Matofari Associate Professor PhD. Food Science Microbial Food safety, Microbial biotechnology,
4. John Masani Nduko Lecturer PhD. Biotechnology and Macromolecular Chemistry Microbial Biotechnology, Microbiology, Protein Engineering
5.Patrick S. Muliro Seniour Lecturer and chair of department PhD. Food Science Dairy Science and Technology, Food Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems
6.Mary N. Omwamba Seniour Lecturer PhD. Food Science Food chemistry, Food Analysis, Product Development,
7.Christopher M. Mutungi Lecturer PhD. Food Science Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering, Postharvest Technology
8. Penina N. Ngoda Lecturer PhD Food product development, Evaluation of endocrine distruptive potential and risk assessment of phytoestrogens in food
9. Lillian A. Gogo Lecturer PhD. Food Science Food Science: Food Safety and Hygiene; Food Quality Assurance
10.Joseph Ochieng Anyango Lecturer PhD Food Science/ Food Chemistry Food Science and Technology ; Food Fortification and Sensory Evaluation;Cereal Protein; Chemistry; Development of Protein Bioplastics/Biomaterials



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