Visit by Nanjing Agricultural University

Visit by Nanjing Agricultural University

A group of delagation from Nanjing Agricultural University visited Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) on 4th December, 2017.

Program for NAU Delegation Headed by Vice-President Hu Feng Mon, 4th Dec 2017

Time Activity Facilitator Venue
09:30-10:15 CI Board Meeting VC VC’s BR
10:15-10:30 To Sign CESAAM Partnership Agreement VC VC’s BR
10:30-10:45 Handing over of the China-Kenya Joint Laboratory for Crop Molecular Biology:  (1) Briefing of the Status of the Lab Prof. Mulwa VC’s BR
10:45-11:15 Tea break & Group photo VC’s BR
11:15-12:15 Handing over of the Joint Lab: (2) Tour of the Lab & feedbacks Prof. Mulwa Lab
13:00-14:00 Lunch ARC
14:00-15:00 To Launch NAU Alumni Kenya Assoc & CI Alunmi Assoc Prof. Muleke ARC
15:00-16:00 Opening Ceremony of the Short Course on Molecular Techniques Prof. Ogweno CMRT
16:00-17:00 Meeting with CESAAM students from six east African countries Prof. George ARC
17:00-17:30 Tour of the Agro-science Park Prof. Kimurto
17:30-18:00 Tour of the Botanical Garden Prof. Kariuki

Members of the Delegation:

1.Prof. Hu Feng,Vice-President,Nanjing Agricultural University

  1. Prof. Liu Zhimin, Dean, College of International Education
  2. Prof. Chen Jie, Deputy Director, Office of International Relations
  3. Prof. Zhang Hongsheng, College of Agronomy
  4. Prof. Wang Jianjun, College of Horticulture
  5. 6.Prof. Yang Ming, Asso Sec, NAU Alumni Association
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