Prof. Josephine Ouma

Prof. Josephine Ouma

Prof. Ouma Josephine P.
Associate Professor
Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soil Sciences
Egerton University
PO BOX 536
Njoro, Kenya


1993 – 1996 PhD, Mississippi State University:


Major: Agronomy/ Minor: Genetics


1. Tunya, B. A. Tunya; J J. Lelei, J. P. Ouma, P.N. Ombui, and R.N. Onwonga. 2014.Changes in Soil Chemical Properties in Response to Application of Phosphorus Sources in Legume Sorghum Cropping Systems. Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences December 2014, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 151-168.
2. Omondi, J.O, N. W. Mungai, J.P. Ouma, and F.P. Baijukya. 2014. Effect of tillage on Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Yield of Soybean ( Glycine max. L. Merril) Varieties. Australian Journal of Crop Science 8(8): 1140-1146.
3. Tunya, B.A., J.J. Lelei, J.P. Ouma, R.N. Onwonga, and P.N. Ombui. 2014. Effect of Triple superphosphate and Minjingu Phosphate Rock Fertilizer application on Nutrient Content and Grain yields of Sorghum in various Cropping Systems. International Journal of Research In agricultural Sciences 1(6): 392-398.
4. Benjamin O Danga, Aviva Hadas, Isaiah IC Wakindiki, Josephine P Ouma and Asher Bar-Tal. 2013. Chickpea residue properties controlling decomposition dynamics and nitrogen availability in some tropical acid soils. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 2013, 30(4): 203–212.
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6 Onyari C. A. N., J. P. Ouma and Kibe A. M. 2010. Effect of tillage method and sowing time on phenology, yield and yield components of chickpea (Cicer arietinumL.) under semi-arid conditions in Kenya. Journal of Applied Biosciences 34: 2156 – 2165
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1 Capacity Building for Women in Academia and Research in Agriculture and Natural Sciences, IFS/UNU/ INRA, Funding amount: €7800, 2008-2010.
2 Evaluation of Various Pearl Millet (Pennisetum typhoides) Varieties for Fodder and Grain Potential in the Dry highlands of Kenya. Award: KES 395,000 co-Principal Investigator 2009
3 Evaluation of Sorghum lines for the Dry highlands of Kenya. 2008. Award: KES 371000. Principal investigator. 2008
4 Wheat-Chickpea rotation Study; USAID-ISRAEL CDR grant, $136,000Dec 2002 to March 2006; Co-Principal Investigator (Kenya).


· Reviewer, and Board member, Egerton Journal
· Member (life) International Society of Extension education
· Member, Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development
· Member, Agronomy and Crop Science Societies of America


Drought, temperature stress effects on crop yieldSorghum and millets

Productivity of legume /cereal intercrops.
Tissue culture methods in plant propagation

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