Dr. Mary Omwamba

Dr. Mary Omwamba

r. Mary Omwamba, Ph.D


Department of Dairy and Food Science Technology

Faculty of Agriculture

P.O. Box 536-20115

Egerton, Kenya.

Mobile: +254 71 1633247

Email: marynyambeki@yahoo.com


Year Degree Institution
2010 PhD Food Science Nanjing Agricultural University, China
2005 MSc Food Science and Technology Egerton university, Kenya
1996 BSc. Dairy Science and Technology Egerton university, Kenya
1989 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Nakuru Day Secondary School, Nakuru


Dates/Year Title of Certificate Institution Awarding
May 2013-April 2014 Post-doctoral research fellowship Vaal University of Technology, South Africa
04-06 Sept 2013 The possibilities with soy Centre of Sustainable Livelihoods, Vaal University of Technology, South Africa
03-18 June 2010 Soybean processing Cochran Fellowship program, Washington DC, USA
06-11 June 2010 Processing and marketing of soybean for the meat industry University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA
22 – 24 Nov 2006 Food safety management systems Kenya Bureau of Standards
Jan 23 – 13 Feb 2001 Food management Hebrews University of Jerusalem, Israel
09 – 13 Sept 1996 Laboratory testing Kenya Bureau of Standards


Food chemistry, Food Analysis, Product Development, Food Processing, Functional foods in promoting human health.


March 2010- Present Lecturer, Dept. of Dairy and Food Science and Technology
2006 – Feb 2010 Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Dairy and Food Science and Technology
1996-2005 Senior Technician, Dept. of Dairy and Food Science and Technology
1996-1996 Quality Control Manager, Meru Central Farmers Cooperative Society
1995-1996 Quality Control Supervisor, Tuzo dairies


Project period Research Topic
September 2010- August 2011 US$ 11,602. Texturized Soy Proteins (TSP) Incorporation in Meals served at the Egerton University Students CafeteriaFunded by the National Soy Research Laboratory (NSRL), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (Collaborating researcher)


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2 Omwamba, M., Mahungu, SM and Faraj, AK. (2014). Effect of texturized soy protein on quality characteristics of beef samosas. International Journal of Food Studies. Vol 3 No. 1, pp 74-81.
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7 Omwamba, M., Nanua JN and Shalo PL. (2007). Utilization of orange-fleshed sweet potato flour in development of a suitable flour blend for complementary infant food. Egerton Journal of Science and Technology. 7 No.1, pp 1-13


Membership Category Organization
Member Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Chicago, Illinois, USA
Member South African Association of Food Technologists (SAAFoST), South Africa
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