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Food insecurity and poverty remain the major challenges to Africa’s development, affecting about 33% of its population. One key approach in addressing Africa’s food insecurity is to build capacity along the agricultural value chains. The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) at Egerton University (Kenya), funded by World Bank is modeled to address the above issues.

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  • Egerton University, Njoro
  • P.O.Box 536
  • Egerton
  • emai:
  • Twitter: @cesaam_egerton


  • Who we are
  • Background
  • Focus Countries
  • Collaborators
  • Key activities


  • Core Team
  • Steering Committee
  • CESAAM Faculty
  • Visiting Scientist
  • Administrative Staff

CESAAM Programmes

  • Animal Science
  • Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Management
  • Dairy & Food Science Techonology
  • Crops, Horticulture & Soils Science
  • Agricultural Education & Extension
  • Agricultural Engineering


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